Molecular Genetics Lab


We are interested in understanding how genes control behaviour, physiology and regeneration using nematodes and oligochaetes.

The three main lines of research are:


1. Behavioral and physiological strategies for maintaining homeostasis and regulating stress responses

We strive to understand the genetic basis of behaviour, feeding and energetic homeostasis in C. elegans. We also investigate the molecular mechanisms that regulate stress responses (dissecation, hyperosmosis and hyperoxia) in C. elegans and other nematodes.


2. Genetic and epigenetic mechanisms that underlie regeneration

Based on the transcriptomic signature of regeneration of the oligochaete Lumbriculus variegatus, we are studying epigenetic changes in key genes that occur during regeneration. We are also investigating the mechanisms that regulate myelin regeneration, as well as the role of the microglia in regeneration of L. variegatus.


3. Mechanisms of action and resistance to anthelminthics

We are studying the molecular mechanisms by which guava extracts and clove oil (eugenol) cause paralysis of C. elegans.